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Upload, View in 3D, Convert and Mobile Optimized Your 3D Models

For faster display, sharing and rendering on mobile devices and in Augmented Reality (AR) apps and so much more!

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Easily upload and convert your 3D models. We support several input 3D file formats for real-time 3d model file conversion, 3d browser display, translation and mobile optimization.


View 3D models in your browser (No Plug-ins required) Better than rendered images! Rotate, Pan, Zoom and select Shaders to see what you want, how your 3d model actually looks!


Embed on any webpage. Easily share your 3D Models with everyone, public or private!


Download your mobile optimized 3D model files in several sizes and file formats (fp3d, obj, fbx, dae, stl) for use in your mobile and augmented reality applications, 3d printing, game art, etc. We also provide the converted 3d model files without minification.

Here Is What We Will Do For You

  • Upload and View your 3D Models directly in your browser (No Plug-ins required). Our 3D Model Viewer – uses HTML5 and WebGL Technologies to run natively in all modern web browsers.
  • Convert, Translate and Mobile Optimize your 3D Model files to become:
    - Mobile Ready
    - Augmented Reality (AR) Ready
    - Game Art Ready
    - 3D Printing Ready
  • Simplified Real-time cloud based file conversion tool that supports several input 3D formats.
  • Download mobile optimized 3D Model files in multiple sizes and file formats (.fp3d, .obj, .fbx, .dae, .stl).
  • Embed your 3D models on any webpage and Share everywhere instantly.

What Clients Say

“I have been looking for an online file conversion service like this all over the web to no avail. So thank you so much for providing this excellent service at such a bargain price. I’ll certainly notify others and appreciate what you guys are doing here”
John M. Kapiski, Kapiski Studios
“This is fantastic! I can now view my 3d models online without having to download any stupid plugins. And the best thing is that it is FREE. Thanks!”
Susan Thames, 3D Artist
“We used your service to convert all our 3D models to make them mobile and AR ready. After spending thousands of dollars previously hiring 3d artists to help us, your service is a life saver.”
James Boots, Creative Director
“The quality of your conversion is amazing. Plus I like the fact that we were able to view and share our converted files on your website as well as embed it on our own website. Yes, I will refer others to use this valuable service. Thank you for the amazing support too.”
Anka Dietrich, Art Director

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