My file does not convert or display?

Be sure to check the list of supported input and output file formats to ensure that you are uploading your 3d model in the right format.

Can I cancel my paid subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at anytime. However, any started Period is owed and due at subscription signup. There is no full or partial refund for any Period for any reason whatsoever. Renewal of subscription is automatic until cancelled. Upon cancellation, you will revert back to the Free Subscription plan and continue to enjoy all the benefits associated with that type of service. You can also choose to remove any or all of your 3d models at anytime from the website.

What is the .fp3d file format?

The FlatPyramid 3D (.fp3d) file format is a mobile optimized and binary 3d model file format that comes with the textures baked-in /embedded for faster loading and rendering on mobile phone devices.

It is designed to be as simple as possible, while providing exactly the data that typical augmented reality or mobile 3D applications might need from their 3D models. It is a lot better and more efficiently designed than any of the typical AR file formats (e.g. .obj, .dae or fbx) in use today.

You can obtain the .fp3d file specification here if you are a developer and or want to support it in your application.

How do I download my file?

Your optimized 3d model file will be available for download on your downloads page once the conversion process is complete.

How long does it take to convert a file?

The conversion time will depend on the size of your 3d model file but it is done in real-time.

How to embed a 3d model?

Embedding your 3d model on any webpage is actually very easy. Similar to YouTube, simply click on the embed button while viewing your 3d model in our 3d player and cut and paste the code on any web page to display and you are done.

Which browsers are compatible?

Our 3D viewer/ player is based on WebGL, which is available on Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari on Macs only (to enable it on Safari: 1/ go to Preferences > Advanced > Show Developer menu in menu bar 2/ Go to header Develop > Enable WebGL).

WebGL is available only in Internet Explorer 11. You can check online to see if your browser is compatible. We also have a fallback 3d render/image to display your 3d model if WebGL isn’t available with the browser you are using.

How much does it cost?

We have both a free and paid subscription plan options. Check out our plans and pricing web page for detailed information on both options.

Which file formats are supported?

You can check out our supported input and output 3d file format page to see the comprehensive list of supported 3d model file formats.

How does it work?

It works quite simply. You select either a FREE or Paid subscription plan, signup and begin uploading your 3d models for 3d viewing, manipulating, sharing and embedding on any webpage. Depending on your plan choice, you are also able to convert and download the mobile optimized version of your uploaded 3d model files in various sizes.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone who wants to convert their 3d model from any of the supported file formats to a mobile optimized 3d model file format that is great for use in:

- Mobile Applications
- Augmented Reality (AR) Apps
- Game Art
- 3D Printing
- Other 3D Applications

It is also for anyone that wants to show and share a 3d model online in a browser based 3d viewer (no plugins required). You are able to rotate, pan and zoom into the 3d model as well as embed it on any webpage.


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